16 – 21 March: Week of action against corporate media

One of the biggest obstacles to the transformation of society is the power and influence of the corporate media. Therefore it’s great to see a whole week of action on this subject. It’s being organised by Real Media who promise “loads of actions directed against the Daily Mail, the Murdoch media empire and other corporate media for their biased news coverage.”

On Monday 16 March , 20,000 spoof copies of the Daily Wail containing stories the billionaire-owned paper would never report will be distributed in London and Manchester and both cities will also be plastered with posters highlighting themes ignored by corporate media. 

Inside the paper are stories people don’t tend to read in the mass media – articles on mass rent rises and displacement of social housing tenants, the privatisation of the NHS, how the sick and disabled are being bullied off benefits by huge private corporations, and everything you need to know about TTIP – the secret international trade agreement that’s going to de-regulate everything.

Also every day this week, campaigners will highlight crucial issues ignored by the corporate-dominated press:

• Monday 16th: corporate influence undermining democracy
• Tuesday 17th: climate change
• Wednesday 18th: austerity increasing inequality to record levels
• Thursday 19th: privatisation of healthcare and other public services
• Friday 20th: the arms industry’s interests driving the war on terror
• Saturday 21st: human rights

The Real Media campaign isn’t just about slagging off the corporate news. In early April the group will be launching a website that aggregates alternative independent news platforms

Meanwhile, to follow up the Real Media Anti-Daily Mail Week, the group Occupy Rupert Murdoch will be hosting a week of action by the new HQ of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire at London Bridge. For more details on this see  http://www.occupythe media.org.uk

For more details on Anti-Daily Mail Week see http://www.dailywail.co.uk/ or the Real Media website http://realmedia.press You can also follow the actions on Twitter @RealMediaGB and @occupy_murdoch

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