Brand meets “Milibrand” and both decide they like each other

Russell Brand’s interview with “Milibrand” for his Youtube channel has gone online today. It was meant to be kept secret until the weekend but apparently one of his neighbours spotted the big limo carrying someone important and contacted the press.

Brand is the self-proclaimed voice of the disaffected and says a lot of the right things about tax avoidance, banker’s bonuses, etc, but I can’t help thinking this millionaire celebrity is more concerned with his own image than actually fighting for ordinary people.

He’s been denounced as an anarchist in certain quarters yet when he makes statements like “we want a bloke who’s in this for the right reasons, and says I’m prepared to take on Murdoch, I’m prepared to take on HSBC, I’m prepared to take on the powerful elites who’ve got control of the Tory Party”, he shows how clueless he really is.

The Labour leader naturally likes bathing in Brand’s charisma and hoping it will rub off on him. At the end of the interview Brand says: “It says a lot about Ed Miliband that he understands the way the media works now and the way the country feels and is prepared to come round here and talk to us at The Trews”.

From advocating revolution and wanting to speak out for working class people, it appears that Brand is being won over by a member of the political elite who caused the economic crisis and believes in punishing ordinary people for it in the form of austerity. Word is he is on the verge of telling us to vote Labour at next week’s election.