Kevin Johnson sentenced to 3 years but due for release in 3 months

The following comes from the website:

In August of 2013, Kevin Johnson (aka Kevin Olliff) and Tyler Lang were arrested and charged with possession of burglary tools while driving in rural Illinois, and each served time in state custody. The next summer, they were both indicted under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act — federal charges related to the same allegations as the state charges — for allegedly releasing thousands of mink from a fur farm and painting “Liberation is Love” on the side of a barn on the farm. Kevin and Tyler both accepted non-cooperating plea agreements in which they plead guilty to conspiracy under the AETA.

This morning, after spending over a year in state custody and then more than another year in federal custody awaiting sentencing, Kevin finally had his federal sentencing hearing. Kevin was sentenced to 36 months, with credit for time served (both state and federal time) — which means that Kevin is expected to be out of prison in about three more months! Following that, he will be on three years of supervised released.

Leading up to this point has been a long road for Kevin, already having served time in multiple facilities, dealing with many sentencing delays, and being away from family and friends. Now that his sentencing has happened, Kevin is able to prepare for what lays ahead with a few more months in prison followed by supervised release and recreating life outside of the walls of prison. And now is also the time that we need to prepare to support Kevin through this process. Please continue to support Kevin through letters and donations, which are still critically needed to help him through the rest of his time in prison as well as to help him when he is released.

It is time to continue to show that we will take care of each other through rough times, to look forward to welcoming Kevin home, and to care always about the animals.

Tyler Lang, Kevin’s co-defendant, will have his sentencing hearing on March 23.

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