29 October: London Anarchist Bookfair

The Bookfair has moved again and this time it’s in a school in Haringey! It’s also in Tottenham which has a proud history of radicalism and rioting.

It’s the usual pick n’ mix to gladden the heart of any subversive. Over 100 groups with stalls, selling merchandise and giving away leaflets and information. 75 meetings on all aspects of anarchism and related issues.

Vegan food and drink will be on sale all day courtesy of Veggies and Food Not Bombs (this will be the first time hot vegan food is available inside the Bookfair for 10 years). There will also be a room for films, a creche for younger children and a space for older kids too.

The array of workshops is mouth watering and unlikely to be found elsewhere. Amongst them will be: veganarchy, After Prefix, populism, Corbynism, what do we mean by “direct action”?, Resisting political undercover policing, Art and anarchism, The political climate in Turkey, Wildcat strikes and flying pickets and Anarchism and the struggle against the borders.

The Bookfair will take place on Saturday 29 October from 10am-7pm at Park View School, West Green Road, London N15 3QR. See you there!

www.anarchistbookfair.org.uk mail@anarchistbookfair.org.uk @AnokBookfair

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