15-19 August: Animal Rights Gathering at Earth First! Summer Gathering

This year’s Animal Rights Gathering will again be taking place as a strand within the Earth First! Summer Gathering. It’s five days of grassroots direct action skill-sharing from 15-19 August at a site near Horsham in West Sussex. For all animal liberation, animal rights and vegan activists past, present and future – make links, share ideas, learn and plot for animal liberation!

The ethos is DIY so people are encouraged to get involved in the running of the event themselves. There is no paid staff, no organising hierarchy, no big budget, everyone’s a volunteer. Please join the spirit and take the initiative to help, or offer to help with whatever you see that needs doing. Cost will be £5 per day for food (all of which is vegan) and anything from £5 to £50 towards the cost of the camp but no-one will be turned away who cannot afford to pay.

Workshops will include: introduction to hunt sabbing, tackling everyday speciesism, the liberation pledge, funding AR actions, the Save movement, the badger cull, mapping the scene: AL, AR and veganism, speak your values and veganism in law. There will be loads more – including over 100 workshops from EF!

On Thursday 16th there will be a EF! & NARG joint training day hosted by Radical Think Tank: “drawn from cutting-edge research on mass movements and civil disobedience, it will introduce you to some key concepts, principles and strategies to help you build massive and powerful social movements for transformative change.”

Further information from the websites below. You can also email: summergathering@earthfirst.org.uk and there is a Facebook event

http://argathering.org.uk/index.html     http://earthfirstgathering.org/index.html

Update 3 August – full lineup of workshops

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