ScrewThis is an autonomous collective grown from the soils of discontent. We are a travelling infoshop/social centre. We share radical resources of zines, books and flyers that cover a wide range of topics from subvertising to herbalism, squatting to protest. We create a space where people can meet and engage in current campaigns and build a social network. We direct people to current events and campaigns to which they can relate their own experience and feel more able to be active in their social and political world.

Beyond reading material and visual aids we also host workshops, film screenings and talks. Types of workshops include banner painting, making medicinal herbal teas, practical squatters and seed bomb making. These workshops are very informal which allows participants to define the tone of the activity and gives space for knowledge and skill sharing. We also host talks and discussions such as ‘Know Your Rights’ that share resistance strategies.

We hope to bring back the anti-establishment roots of festivals and other alternative event spaces in the UK and beyond that we feel has been lost. Sharing knowledge and providing information about resistance is key to mobilising more people for social change and action!