Poetry #1 ‘Suspect’

Interaction with the police is never pleasant for a commoner and a peasant (somewhat like me). Even less so is waiting for their decisions regarding your future. In such a troubled state art oftentimes helps spill out accumulated emotion, I’ll put it here for maybe someone will identify with it for sense of community is one that helps most actually…

Maybe yes

Or maybe no –

Too many details

Can be left unknown

The candy isn’t 

worth the crime,

You bloody pissant,

But this one you find  

Only when caught too close to the line, 

Too close to the edge of the law

When authorities are there

To ask you what you know,

And who you are,

And why you are there

They don’t care 

If you’ve traveled far

And where you are going.

They are only doing their job

But then you wonder

do they have any common sense?

Or can they spare it for the uncommon

Who only hops over a fence 

In self defense 

From a corporate monster.

Come on, Fate

I know, that it is too late

To change anything in the past

But the future is still in Your hand

Please make them forget

Or not pay too much attention

For was it a real threat? 

Does this silly thing deserve any detention?

Next time we all will be wiser

For history is a useful advisor

(Although not always too accurate)

Especially for those of us 

who are not very immaculate.






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