New poem, this time on the subject of love (that drew attention of many a poet, but in my opinion still relevant). People seem to always forget what it is and neglect it. On the other hand it also (as any other thing) comes with a price.

No  answers right-

All are always wrong,

Love has found her way  

And now you must always stay strong.

For love is a very powerful force –

It’s close to the Source

And therefore almost impossible 

To give up on.

Is this a person 

That you really are?

How much of a sacrifice

Do you need to offer

And how many scars

Do you already have?

I was telling her all about it 

From the very first day 

What a silly girl – 

Now time has come to have it my way!

But she’s not ready.

Does it mean that our ways part?

Will I ever heal my bleeding heart?

Will she as well be able

To do all that?

Maybe life is just a cruel fable

Full of misery and regret for the rest of our lives..

But the fire inside us –

It still thrives

And perhaps

It is all that actually matters 

At last

As the whole world emerges and shatters

With a grand almost infinite blast.






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