In cities a night can unfold into wondrous meetings, music events, new friends and groups of friends, especially when u got ca$h or boosters or both.. Sometimes though in towns life comes to an end at 00:00, and all things still open are merely pop music venues with overpriced entrance and full of teenagers that surely run the world on their little finger (in their tamed, but illustrious imagination). Here’s a piece about such a night:

All doors are shut by night:
The buildings merely decorations,
Their lights are glimmering inside

Behind transparent windows – eyes,
Misleadingly inviting,
While I am wrapped in wind and dark,
And cold creeps in my soul.

A total stranger – friend to none.
The laughs inside
With smokes and wines
And beds and bathrooms,
Soft and neat..
I’m out of comforts!
Slowering speed.
A freezing soul
In freezing mind
Is this the end?
Isn’t that all?
A cruel joke upon myself
For there’s no stone around this place
to lean upon
With my exhausted back.

But I’m enduring,
Caught in contemplation:
Like lotus, full,
ignoring aching legs
What else?
⁃ just focus on the pain
Until it makes no sense!
I kept the walking going on.

All of a sudden
Behind a metal mesh I heared
recorded sounds of voice.
The opera singers, Frank –

That’s noice!
White concrete curves, glass
Pillars, steps.
It is bit warmer,
made is choice:
On theater’s lips!
The spiders, plentiful, aware:
these tricks are new to none
Alas, in such a space, it’s hardly truly empty:
You’re never only one.

All of a sudden
Sky ceases being painted black
It’s dark and royal blue instead
Triumphant envoy to the crowned,
Last breath
of night,
The rays of light
That fill the darkness
One by one!
A glorious return of Ra.

Now decorations –
At their rightful place
This town is finally my home.
Removing dust
Off weary face
At spoons,
In booth,
Still happily alone,
With Micromegas
On my palm.
A sizzling fat
Like tiger’s balm,
That soothes aches and bites,
Now brings me peace
That I couldn’t find,
moving myself from spot to spot,
So now at last
I’ll have some rest
With grace.
The hell, why not?






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