The Green Fascists of Ireland.

This piece will deal with some realities of the Irish political landscape that some may find controversial. One of the realities is that a republican movement does not exist in Ireland, but instead there is an aspiring Irish capitalist, nationalist movement, opposed to the purely capitalist establishment structures.

When speaking of Green fascism this article will refer mainly to dissident republican currents, Saoradh/newco being the dominant force within this grouping, but also includes groups such as the 32csm and RSF. Sinn Fein, as an openly constitutional nationalist movement is not up for consideration, being firmly in the mainstream capitalist establishment camp.

It is arguable that Green fascism, under the cloak of an Irish republican label poses the greatest threat and ideological obstacle to the development of an anti-capitalist movement in Ireland today.

Using ‘’republicanism’’ as a label, and a label only, these Irish nationalists aim to create a 32 county state, which will embody all of the functions of any western state, including the use of draconian laws against opponents, such as anarchists. Their aim to forcefully create a unitary state based on the Irish identity.

Green fascism is authoritarian, nationalist, militaristic and is collectivist in nature, strongly against working class power and individual autonomy. All characteristics of fascist practice.

Irish nationalist political Prefiguration.

Prefiguration is the political idea that the way we organise ourselves today has direct implications on future structures and modes of operations.

This is a basic concept, which basically means that todays organising and operating modes are connected to past modes of organisation and to futures ones aswel.

Militaristic, centralised, disciplined by top down control, completely hierarchical, and willing to use brutal force to police the communities they come from they re-produce all of the worst aspects of punitive capitalism, and then some. Imagine a future Irish society with these nationalist Jacobins in power. They embody all of the worst aspects of miliary provie fascism, re-branded for todays world.

Many believe that the repression they suffer at the hands of the Irish and Uk states is an indication of their radical and anti-establishment prowess. Instead this should be viewed as the capitalist forces of Ireland and the UK attempting to quash another upcoming repressive force in favour of their own. It is a small scale struggle between two power structures, one small (the green fascists) and one powerful (the capitalist state). These states are enforcing their will against those who challenge the sanctity that only the capitalist state can have a monopoly on violence.

Conflating national liberation and nationalism the Green fascists cannot ever lead to emancipation of working people, or anyone for that matter. To illustrate where their loyalties are Saoradhs’ leader in Dublin was recently jailed for threatening a worker to back down from acclaim, he had in for an injury suffered at work, against his boss. All the rhetoric about ‘’working class’ and ‘’socialism’’ is just that, rhetoric.

Just like after the war of independence when land agitation was at its height, the IRA was used to quash working class struggles, the green fascist forces of today will be used to snuff of workers rights when it suits. Have no doubt these groups will oppose any militant moves down south to build working class power.

There are those who genuinely believe in republican doctrine within Irelands’ green fascist movement. These individuals are a minority and generally fall in line with the majority of the movement at key junctures. Unity is the cry always heard, and afraid of appearing to be siding with the repressive apparatus of the state the all clamber onboard with, behind the outright green fascist leadership of their authoritarian organisations.

The Moore street controversy was a key juncture and example of this. Nationalists forcefully ended a political occupation protecting historic building, most likely because of brown envelops been passed, in favour of the state and a capitalist corporation. All differences were quickly forgotten between those forcefully ending the occupation. A lesson worth remembering for all Anarchists and autonomists about who can be trusted in direct action politics.

Large portions of their organisations and personnel have fallen into pure personal criminality, especially south of the border. Using their reputations to intimidate and extort, with little political content or connection to the martyrs of the past.

While admirable small groups of youngsters, largely self organised, attempt to fight on against the occupation in Derry and Belfast their efforts only legitimise and strengthen the overall movement of Catholic Green fascism.

These are the sad realities of todays Green fascists.

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