About Us

Anarres is an officially-registered housing co-operative in Bristol (registration #4162).

We’re a group of activists who take part in environmental campaigns and community projects in Bristol and beyond. We are a varied bunch; carers, repairers, disabled people, volunteers, skill sharers and workers on green projects. Whilst our circumstances vary, we’ve come together with a shared vision of improving housing for ourselves and others.

On 18 March 2022, Anarres took a house out of the profit-driven market, and into the hands of a co-operative, providing affordable and secure housing now and long into the future. This will allow its inhabitants to put more of their energy into positive social change, and to create a more ecologically-sustainable home.

The co-operative will also act as a base to launch local projects, such as a tool share, food co-op, permaculture garden and library. We hope to involve as many people as possible in these projects, expanding Anarres’ influence out beyond its walls.

In order to make our ideas a reality, we have spent several years seeking advice, learning skills, raising funds, and developing plans. In that time, Anarres has gone from a conversation in a living room, to a fully-fledged legal entity and member of Radical Routes, a network of co-operatives across the UK.

Radical Routes 'Seven Co-operative Principles' poster