If you are interested in becoming a part of Anarres, make sure you’ve read through everything on this page, and browsed the rest of the posts and pages on this site. You should also read the aims & principles of the Radical Routes network, of which Anarres is a member co-op. By the way, if you join Anarres, then you automatically become a member of Radical Routes, too (and will be obligated to carry out its work)!

Important information

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Our current plan is to eco-renovate our property in East Bristol, which now houses six people (including a young human!). Whilst we all value our autonomy and privacy, we want to try and live as communally as possible. This includes shared meals, social activities, and regular meetings to make collective decisions, and ensure we share out household tasks equitably.

Anarres isn’t just a house, so you’ll have to be OK with (and ideally enthusiastic about), sometimes sharing the communal areas of your home with local projects and traveling activists!

We’ve done our best to keep our rent as genuinely affordable as possible, whilst ensuring that the co-op is financially viable. We’ve set an upper limit of 10% above Local Housing Allowance (shared room rate), and will not discriminate based on income or employment, nor on ability.

Ready to apply?

Send us a message via e-mail to anarreshousing[at]riseup[dot]net, or via our contact form, and let us know a little bit about you and why you would like to join. Feel free to ask any questions you have about us at the same time.

If we’re currently seeking new members, we’ll reply and ask you to give us some specific information and tell tell us more about yourself. If not, we’ll ask you if you would like us to keep hold of your details so we can get in touch when we have the capacity to take on new members.