Guest Submission: Infiltrating Patriotic Alternative and taking their banner

Guest Submission: Infiltrating Patriotic Alternative and taking their banner

[READ: This article was submitted anonymously and is being uploaded here on behalf of an unknown anti-fascist. ARC is not taking responsibility for any actions discussed in the article]

This article is from someone who asked to be named as Andy C.

I’m writing as the person that infiltrated the London Branch of Patriotic Alternative from July to November 2020. I will attach the exported telegram chat at the bottom of this article.

I remained fairly inactive for a month or two before starting to chat and was told that before I was invited to actions that I had to chat regularly. In this entire time almost no actions were organised but mostly the chat was just used to send racist memes and other horrific Anti-Semitic, misogynistic, transphobic, ableist and homophobic chat. These are all Neo-Nazis and this is undoubted by anyone who has followed them so far.

I met with one member for a drink and he divulged a lot of information over a pint or two.

I then organised a banner drop for which I was told by Theo Wilmot to contact “Cornelius” as he has the “White Lives Matter” banner and is the regional organiser.

I messaged Cornelius as seen below

[There was incorrect information here. This has been corrected in THIS ARTICLE about the Regional Organiser for London Patriotic Alternative]

It’s believed the banner was going to be used on the “Halloween Walk” that took place in Seven Oaks. This walk was also met with an Anti-Fascist presence leaving South East organiser Theo Wilmot badly bruised.

It’s really impressively stupid that the London organiser would just agree to meet someone they have never met before and only talked to over telegram all alone with a 10m banner, a camera and equipment. Let’s hope he stays in his position so he can fuck up some more.

Before being kicked, we also spammed the chat for good measure and were met by a very mask off response of “White Power”, “14” and other Neo-Nazi slogans.

All you fascists are bound to lose!

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