Information and Resources

At ARC, we aim to assist fellow antifascists in the fight against the far right by sharing information and resources wherever we can. Please see files which we have made available to access online, as well as links to other useful information released by others.

WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you remain security vigilant at all times, but especially when carrying out research. This means using a secure VPN on your devices, as well as the TOR Browser where possible. Remember that your security is only as good as your weakest link, that nothing online is 100% secure, and not to let taking the highest precautions make you forget to take the most basic. If this sounds unfamiliar to you, please browse the following links:

Download the Tor Browser | Download the RiseupVPN | Riseup Digital Security Guide | Ruckus Security Culture For Activists

Once you’re all set……. enjoy!

ARC Resources


Spotter’s Guide to British Identitarians, January 2021 (Download as PDF)

Patriotic Alternative

PA London Region Telegram Chat (August to October 2020) (Download as ZIP)

Useful Information

Blood & Honour

B&H List of Identified Supporters updated February 2017 (PDF via

B&H Forum Data Leak (incl private messages) published March 2009 (Link to Wikileaks)

British National Party

BNP Membership List December 2006 to 15 April 2009 (Link to WikiLeaks)

Non Group Specific

Parler Videos GPS Map January 2021 | How to View Videos (Windows/Mac) (Linux)

Iron March Forum Leak November 2019 – Access and Interpret Data (Link to Bellingcat)

Unicorn Riot Far Right Discord Leaks – continuously updated (Link to Unicorn Riot)