Why is James Delingpole hosting Neo-Nazis on his podcast?

James Delingpole, the executive editor of Breitbart London and regular contributor to the Spectator and Conservative Woman, and occasional contributor to the Daily Express, Daily Mail, Telegraph, and the Sun, has just hosted a neo-nazi on his podcast ‘The Delingpod’. A stupid mistake? Possibly.

But how could he have not known?

On 9 February, Delingpole retweeted a video of a man who calls himself ‘Richard the Lionheart’, ranting while out on a jog in the woods, with the ultimate intention of promoting a ‘walk’ he is planning. ‘Richard the Lionheart’, real name Joshua Ross Clark, appeared to have been spurred to plan the march due to an interaction with police involving COVID regulations. However, the video quickly spiralled into a racist diatribe that obviously had little to do with COVID. He instead whinged about “foreigners crammed in together on building sites”, about “being labelled as racist for wanting to protect our culture”, and even more tellingly, claimed “the government is facilitating the demographic replacement of our people” – a direct nod to the ‘white genocide’ great replacement conspiracy theory.

Original tweet from Delingpole, and a response from a Neo-Nazi confirming Clark’s support only hours later

Delingpole retweeted the video with the comment “hero”. Kathy Gyngell, the co-editor of Conservative Woman, responded an hour later with “James, you need this man on your podcast”. Only a couple of days later, the two men were recording.

Perhaps he rushed too quickly at the opportunity without checking the content Clark posts on his Telegram and Twitter accounts (the ones that Delingpole advertised on the podcast). But it’s not like Delingpole didn’t get a direct head’s up – a look at the other responses to his tweet shows that he was informed outright, prior to recording, of Clark’s support for neo-Nazi organisation Patriotic Alternative. One such tweet was by East regional organiser of the group himself, neo-Nazi Chris Mitchell, owner of the @PatrioticTalk14 account.

Perhaps more interestingly, Delingpole received a warning from Charles Bunker, former Brexit Party candidate who stood for Bedford in the 2019 UK elections. In the tweet, Bunker suggested the video has “quite nationalistic racialist undertones which are worrying”.

Delingpole ignored this tweet from former Brexit Party candidate Charles Bunker

Delingpole cracked on with the recording anyway. A few days later, the podcast episode was published on Delingpole’s website, introducing Clark as a ‘proud, defiant Englishman’ and linked both his clearly PA supporting Twitter and Telegram channel in the description.

We’ve listened to the podcast, and it’s exactly what you might expect – full of dogwhistle white supremacism from Clark, with Delingpole heaping on the praise (in between fuming about ‘the woke agenda’ and the very existence of universities). Delingpole gleefully nods along to the very obvious white supremacist statements made by Clark, such as “the establishment is scared of Englishmen unifying under their ethnicity” and “”look at the things that black ethnic minority people are allowed to do in this country that white people are not”.

Amusingly, Delingpole also ate up Clark’s own claim he was radicalised by his commitment to health and safety procedure on building sites.

“The large majority of people working on building sites aren’t actually English – what I was doing was building staircases and more often than not we would quite often have to remove the temporary staircase that was there and you would put signs up saying don’t come down the staircase, but a lot of these people can’t even read the signs, so that’s when I started to get into this place where I thought I got to start speaking out about this sort of thing, because there’s got to be an element of health and safety and whatnot.”

– Joshua Ross Clark aka ‘Richard the Lionheart’ on Delingpole’s podcast

Clark did however, have some interesting things to say about the ‘march he is planning’ – that he has some “close friends planning the route”, and will not be announcing “when or where”. When Delingpole asked how people could join, Clark responded “there’s only a certain group of people up to [the distance], and of those people the police would just turn up, they’d be easily recognisable and they’d just start arresting people”. Delingpole accepted this explanation, and then advertised Clark’s crowdfunder for what is quite clearly a Patriotic Alternative event organised with other neo-Nazi members.

We won’t bother repeating the rest of Clark’s views, it’s more of the same racist shite. Delingpole, however, quite liked what he heard, at one point telling Clark “you could be one of the politicians of the future to lead us out of this mess” and “just talking to you, I feel right at home!”. (How’s that, James?)

Needless to say, the neo-Nazis in PA celebrated the podcast featuring ‘our boy Josh’, and lauded it as ‘a bridge to the mainstream’.

Delingpole – who confirmed in the podcast that he is an avid Telegram user – must not have checked the Telegram channel belonging to Clark, that he also promoted. Had he done so, he would have found white supremacist posts such as these.

Only weeks ago on 25 January, Clark shared a reading list for his Telegram followers which includes material such as Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’,‘Seige’ written by the Atomwaffen Division advisor James Mason, the Blood & Honour handbook, The Turner Diaries, The Doctrine of Fascism, and various far right terrorist manifestos by the likes of Dylann Roof, the Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant, and others.

We can only assume that James Delingpole will be devastated to learn that he has been promoting a neo-Nazi who shares links to the manifestos of far right murdering terrorists on his channels.

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