Jessica, deceived into an intimate relationship with Andy Coles, interviewed on Radio 4

Jessica met Andy Coles in 1992 when she was involved in London Boots Action Group

Jessica (not her real name) was deceived into an intimate relationship with Andy Coles, an undercover police officer from the Special Demonstrations Squad. She was just 19 years old when she was targeted and he was her first proper boyfriend. He said he was 24 but was really 32 and married.  She says:

“It is with utter disgust but no real surprise that I discover there have been more women coming forward with stories of how they were targeted by undercover police officer Andy Coles.

I intend to ask the Peterborough Council why they haven’t asked him to resign as Conservative Cllr for Fletton and Woodston and how his behaviour fits the Council’s Code of Conduct.”

Andy Coles called himself Andy Davey when he was deployed from 1991-95. He was first accused of being a police spy in 2013 but this wasn’t confirmed until earlier this year. He resigned as deputy police & crime commissioner for Cambridgeshire on 15 May, three days after being outed, but has otherwise refused to comment.

Jessica’s story on the Police Spies Out Of Lives website:

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