Sack Andy Coles! Campaign against ex-spycop gathers pace

On Saturday 28 October leaflets will be distributed against Andy Coles in his council ward

The struggle to force disgraced ex-spycop Andy Coles to resign as Tory councillor for Peterborough is hotting up. It’s now called Sack Andy Coles, named after the successful Sack Bob Lambert campaign which forced Coles’ one-time boss to step down from his academic post at London Metropolitan University in December 2015.

The campaign has its own website and @sackandycoles on Twitter.

On Wednesday 11 October there was another  protest outside Peterborough Town Hall calling for  Coles to resign: “Those attending the council meeting inside were given leaflets detailing Coles’ shameful past as an officer in the disgraced Special Demonstration Squad.” As with the previous meeting, the public were barred from the council chamber. The Sack Andy Coles website states:

In barring the public who from seeing the people they elect, in a building they pay for, the council is, like Coles, snubbing the citizens they are supposed to serve. That is comes to such extreme and bizarre measures underscores how untenable Coles’ position is.

On Saturday 28 October there will be further leafletting of houses n Coles’ Fletton & Woodston ward to inform the electorate about his past and ask that they join the call for him to resign. If you would like to join those taking part, meet outside Peterborough Town Hall on Bridge Street at noon to walk out to the ward. If you want to join in later on contact @sackanycoles.

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