Practical Squatters Evenings

Practical Squatters Evenings have served as a platform for people new and old to come together, learn new skills, and find places to live.

From our friends at the Practical Squatters Network:

Come to the night and encourage new people.

Join up with others to take direct action to collectively house people.

Let us know if you need people to join your crew or help hold a squat.

For more info, come down and say hello!

Anyone looking to squat should get in touch with the Practical Squatters Network, and leave their contact details (so we can text/phone/email them) and some basic info about what they’re looking for, when they want to move, etc.

The PSN are happy to come out and run practical squatting workshops and squatting legal workshops on request, whether that’s for existing squat crews or other groups of people. Please contact PSN if you’d like to arrange something like this.



Check out squat and anarchist related events in London on the Radar calendar: