Evictions often go unnoticed. People are asked to leave quietly and threatened with arrest if they don’t.

We refuse to be intimidated.

B.E.R.N. aims to stand in solidarity with those people being evicted by demonstrating against their eviction and supporting them in standing up for their right to a home.

As a network of people we have the power to stop evictions of tenants, travellers, homeless people and squatters. Please join us and help bring to light the injustices that are happening in our city.

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  1. Talia says:

    You guys are doing amazing things. This is what real community is all about: solidarity.
    Much love and respect to you all.

  2. Hannah says:


    A few of us in Leeds have been thinking of setting up a similar organisation looking at the housing crisis, repossessions, PFI’s and how best to resist this.
    How did you lot form? and how do you get information about those being potentially evicted. Have you contatced tenants assoications etc?
    Any advice/thoughts would be much appreciated.


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