Hotmail blocking aktivix again

Generally, we should not use hotmail if we value our privacy: link to The Guardian

Years ago I collected some links to info that explained why each of the corporate providers then known were ‘not good’. *

The ones related to hotmail were:

link to cool blog

link to

Aktivix users like most email users receive ‘phishing’ emails. Sadly one aktivix user fell for the ‘you need to upgrade your account’ by clicking on the link provided to then proceed to input their aktivix user name and password.

So that user name and password were duly used to send spam using the aktivix mail server and other email providers, on noticing, started to reject all emails coming from aktivix – since aktivix was sending out spam.

Aktivix admins realised and duly disabled the compromised account so no more spam could come out of it.

Now, most decent server admins react to spam no longer coming from a server, or messages from other admins.

Not hotmail.

And that is why there is no end of this problem in sight. Hotmail will not respond to messages from users or admins of such small servers as aktivix. The only thing to do is wait and, in the meantime, try get friends and colleagues and comrades to switch to a decent provider from this list,

riseup help list of cool collectives

All I would say then is good luck …



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