mailman list admins!

You may have a list with aktivix – or any other provider of mailman lists. This applies to most if not all mailman list services.

So you are one of the administrators of a mailman list – because you really, really should be one of several administrators.

And you may think that it has been hacked because you continue to receive spam sent to you specifically, starting with “Hi . Most likely it is addressed to the list, then blocked as it comes from an address not subscribed to it, or to the owner of the list, which is, all the addresses listed in the ‘admin’ field.

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Aktivix cleaning

The aktivix mail server needs some serious upgrading and updating. Servers need free space for this, and this server does not have it. So aktivix is doing some clearning.

We did three mailouts with the idea that, those who wouldn’t answer any of them, would loose their email accounts. The post on the website says more.

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No your account is not hacked!

You have probably received this very funny email on your aktivix or similar account – it is not true. Do not send bitcoins, do not send anything to any one who tries to blackmail you. The following, is fake, not true:


Í åm å håcker whø hås åccess tø yøür øpěråtíng systěm.
Í ålsø håvě full åccěss tø yøür åccøüňt.

Í’vě běěn wåtchíng yøü før å fěw mønths nøw.
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AktiviX – Contrato Social

El Contrato Social de Aktivix existe porque creemos que es vital que las comunidades de resistencia puedan satisfacer sus propias necesidades de comunicación. No debemos vernos obligados a confiar en medios de comunicación inseguros y lucrativos que nos bombardean con publicidad que intenta adormecer la mente. cree en la democracia directa, el antisexismo, el antirracismo, el anticapitalismo, la autodeterminación, la autonomía local, la ecología y la economía comunal. Continue reading

Der Aktivix-Sozial-Vertrag The Aktivix Social Contract in German existiert, weil wir meinen, dass es für Widerstands-Gruppierungen unerlässlich ist in der Lage zu sein, ihre eigenen Kommunikations-Bedürfnisse selbst zu befriedigen. Wir dürfen nicht gezwungen sein, auf unsichere, profitgetriebene Kommunikationsmittel angewiesen zu sein, die uns mit Verstand betäubender Werbung bombardiert.
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aktivix email service and the web interfaces

There were two web interfaces you could use to check your aktivix emails: horde and roundcube. Due to circumstances beyond aktivix’s control, we can no longer support roundcube.

As for horde – webmail is really only a backup for those occasions when you are not sitting in front of your own computer. Of course if you do not own a computer you do need to use the web alternative, but if you have access to the same computer/s regularly, you are encouraged to have a copy of thunderbird for you especially if you want to easily use encryption and other nice bits, like .. read on. Continue reading