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I have found that getting the aktivix outgoing server to work can be a challenge on ThunderBird. This is a run of the settings to look at.

On Thunderbird, on ‘account settings’, scroll down right to the bottom, below ‘local folders’ there should be ‘outgoing SMTP server. Highlight the aktivix server and then click on edit. Here is how the settings should be:

description: it doesn’t matter, it can be anything short that tells you this is aktivix and not riseup or ucrony, say

outgoing (SMTP) server: newyear.aktivix.org
port: 587 or 25
connection security: STARTTLS
authentication method: normal password
username without @aktivix

If having the correct settings do not solve the problem we need to look outside of Thunderbird.

If you use tor, check those settings to make sure Thunderbird is ‘allowed out’ (if you don’t know what tor is, you’re not using it).

Then check your firewall settings and make sure it will allow Thunderbird to connect to the Internet (sadly if you don’t know what a firewall is you may still be using one, especially if you use Windows. Ask the people who have ever had access to your computer).

But the most common problem is that Thunderbird can receive emails, but will not send them.

One more thing you can do is check how many ‘identities’ Thunderbird is running. It has been found that a second “identity”, even though it was not set to standard, what was caused Thunderbird to time out while trying to connect to aktivix outgoing server.

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  1. incoming too:

    POP Mail Server: newyear.aktivix.org

    Security Settings: SSL/TLS (port 995)

    IMAP Mail Server: newyear.aktivix.org

    Security Settings: SSL (port 993)

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