aktivix email service and the web interfaces

There were two web interfaces you could use to check your aktivix emails: horde and roundcube. Due to circumstances beyond aktivix’s control, we can no longer support roundcube.

As for horde – webmail is really only a backup for those occasions when you are not sitting in front of your own computer. Of course if you do not own a computer you do need to use the web alternative, but if you have access to the same computer/s regularly, you are encouraged to have a copy of thunderbird for you especially if you want to easily use encryption and other nice bits, like .. read on.

So the web interface we now offer, Horde, although we maintain the installed version on our server,
we don’t maintain things like the fancy bits you mention.

Horde, like roundcube, is an independent project that allows groups like aktivix to install their software on our servers so that users can use email on a web, graphic interface.

The developers of Horde and Rouncube most probably are constantly working on the restoration of lost features and the implementation of new ones, like a usable address book for instance … just like aktivix sys admins constantly work on keeping the service running with as few disfunctions and a little spam as possible.

For example Horde developed this new dynamic interface, one of the best bits being an autofill function in the address bar when composing an email. Then this stopped working and hasn’t come back. Aktivix can not help with this.

Aktivix, roundcube and horde are different projects and aktivix can’t give you features on the web interface.

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