Possible places to register a domain

With network23.org you can have your own blog. Automatically the url will be network23.org/yourblog , but you can also have your own domain, like www.fareshares.org.uk have.

In order to have your own domain, with your network23 site or any other site, you will need to register it with a private company, which will require a real name and address (or real looking one – you may want to assess the risks reading this other post.

These are some companies that can do this for you rather friendly and that have been recommended in aktivix friends’ circles. It is not a thorough comprehensive list but it is a good way to start before you jump to the first one that comes up on a google search that will probably publicise your precious personal details publicly for all to see.

http://redblackandgreen.net/ “run by people known and trusted”

http://www.gandi.net/ “french. always been reliable, cheap and don’t sell whois searches or other data.” You also get nice help with dns settings. The whois protections doesn’t hide the name and surname, just hides the address, but now you can pay with several platforms included bitcoins.

Nearlyfreespeech.net offers this as a standard add-on to all their domain registrations.

Mythic Beasts <https://www.mythic-beasts.com> are a small, technically very competent provider of IPv6 enabled services.

At least for .org.uk domains they give you the option of withholding your address, so for my domains under “Registrant’s address:” it just says “The registrant is a non-trading individual who has opted to have their address omitted from the WHOIS service” (but under “Registrant:” it does give the real name of the domain owner).

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