Uses of a domain and ways to go

When you are planning your website, one of the things to decide is its name, or url. To make a decision, you may need to decide what kind of website it is, what will be the use of it, and you will want to register a different kind of domain for different types of uses or cases.

a). Domains you wish to use _forever_ ( eg. To provide services to other users, like, or,, )

These should have _NO_ false information in, and should be registered with a registrar that can support them ( or reseller to a registrar that you have good connections with ) and registered to an organisation in a country with a legal regime that works in your favour. So, probably the UK would not be their best for them; maybe countries like US, Iceland, Switzerland, Sweden, North Korea would be better.

b). Domains that are for projects, that are not forever, but you may wish to obfuscate or hide the ownership of them. We would say the ideal then would be to trust in a subdomain like offers, so you don’t need to give any of your personal information to anyone, and you still have a website.

If you still want to have your own domain for a project like this, instead of something dependent on other project, you may want to follow this process:

1) get an aktivix / riseup email – on friend of a friend basis
2) get a account and register your domain name there with that email (if you do this using torbrowser they can’t log more information about you).
3) pay for domain with a credit card, which would be the weakest link; or use bitcoins.
4) Enter false but realistic looking name in for Whois details & use the tel and address of a friendly group who can pass on messages without giving away your identity or use false tel and address if you don’t have such contacts
5) get hosting from a group who can respond to take down requests etc in a suitable way, asking for clarifications, generally delaying but passing on information – see hosting partners on – or use which is where you can create anonymous blogs / websites

c). Kamikaze Domains.

Domains that are going we are not going to defend or protect, but will use until they crash or burn. Eg with some live action video, or as command and control domain for a botnet attacking the …. These should be purchased with extreme anonymity or not at all. The more technologically aware would create a tor hidden service rather than relying on DNS.

Once you have made this decision, unless you choose a subdomain, for example with, you will need to choose a company, question addressed here.

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