Brigitte, Barnard and Family Safe


Story from 2009 for background:

30 People escorted brigitte signing today

As many Refugees do in Bristol, brigitte signed at Trinity Police station with 30 people willing to get in the way of any immigration officers.

People from Bristol refugee rights, The drop-in centre and Bristol No borders insured that Brigitte was not detained at Trinity Rd Police station this morning. However, Brigitte now has to sign there weekly, so anyonme who is free next tuesday at 10.00am, please meet at Trinity rd Police station just before 10.00am. thanks


Brigitte and Bernard are from Cameroon and have been living in Bristol for years, making their asylum claims. In that time they have become part of the Bristol Refugee Rights community and they have a young daughter, Lizzie, who was born in Bristol.
Last year they were snatched and taken to Yarl’s Wood for several weeks, which was traumatic for the family and for everyone around them.

They are threatened with removal on January 8th. Their solicitor has passed the case to a barrister to make grounds for a judicial review, to be loged as soon as possible. Their MP is also actively taking an interest in the case.
Return to Cameroon would be dangerous for them. Hopefully, if they are not snatched in the next few days, they will have time to submit their application for a judicial review, and the danger will be averted.

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