Increase the pressure on slum landlord! CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

We’ve received details, which we’ve confirmed are legit, that the deposit is now placed in a deposit protection scheme. We therefore do not need to do the comms blockade on Monday. As always, thanks for supporting this fight, and we’ll keep you apprised of any further develpments.

Monday 12th January. Communications blockade all day long.

Join the communications blockade of Central Estate Agency and slum landlord Mr Ernie Biela.
The question is “What have you done with the tenants’ deposit?”.
Demand that they let their tenants know what the situation is with their deposit.

After Bristol Solidarity Network picketed their offices on Gloucester Road in Bristol demanding necessary repairs, CEA say they have pulled out of any involvement in “managing” the house. Jabbar Mohammed has claimed that he has passed the £800 deposit to the landlord. Mr. Biela says that he does not have it and that “the deposit is somewhere, isn’t it” and “I don’t know why you’re worried about the deposit”. They need to confirm in writing that the deposit is being put into a deposit protection scheme. Let them know that if they are not prepared to do this, the pressure will carry on and increase.

Jabbar Mohammed, Central Estate Agency
Tel: 0117 9892150
Fax: 0117 9421882

Ernie Biela, slum landlord
Tel: 07917570624

Please take a bit of time to show solidarity with a long suffering family and let the landlord and CEA know that their business will not go smoothly if they continue to avoid questions about the family’s deposit. Ring Ring! Do the right thing!

More background information on this fight for decent housing and against this greedy, lying landlord and his agents can be found in the post below…