2015 Workshop: Let’s Talk About Class

Let's Talk About Class - A customer tries on a new hat, watched by a shop assistant, in the millinery department of Bourne and Hollingsworth on London's Oxford Street in 1942 - via Wikimedia Commons.

Working class, middle class, owning class. It can sometimes feel difficult to talk honestly about class and money, even though these things make a big difference to how we live and how we work for change.

Different class backgrounds give us different ways of looking at the world and different resources we can use in the struggle for a better world.

This workshop is a chance to talk with people with similar class stories to our own, and to find the strengths and difficulties that come with our particular class backgrounds.

Let’s Talk About Class is an opportunity to

  • think about how our class backgrounds are affecting our lives,
  • to get better at communicating across the boundaries of class,
  • and to strengthen our commitment to economic justice.

People of all class backgrounds, however complicated, are all welcome at this workshop.

Let’s Talk About Class is an introductory three-hour workshop led by Peace News editor Milan Rai. It is inspired by the work of Class Action in the US. This workshop may lead to an ongoing monthly Cross-Class Dialogue Group in Hastings.

Let's Talk About Class - Mr Hamid, from India, discharged from the British army on medical grounds, inserts a thermocouple into molten metal, waiting for the thumbs-up signal from his colleague, as she lets him know that the correct temperature has been reached. They are working on a Merlin engine at a Rolls Royce aircraft engine factory in 1942 - via Wikimedia Commons

More info: 07980 748 555.

Hastings Friends Meeting House is a step-free venue with a wheelchair-accessible toilet.


Saturday 17 October 2015

Friends Meeting House, 5 South Terrace, Hastings, East Sussex, UK TN34 1SA


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