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New book on Community Cooperation to Share

Español “At the turn of the century, both communities developed similar ways of evading White discrimination. Both communities built their own institutions, … ” which “… deepens the connection between them. Cooperation in other areas built ties that would eventually … Continue reading

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La Coopération pour la guerre à la guerre avec Le Corps Civil de Protection de l’Environnement

Pourquoi nous avons besoin, aux États-Unis, de reconstituer le Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC, Corps Civil de Protection de l’Environnement) ? Parce que nous avons besoin de défis.  Bien-sûr, notre société a beaucoup de défis.  La guerre semble être le plus … Continue reading

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La Cooperacion Puede Resolver los Problemas que Conducen a La Guerra

¿Porqué debemos, en los Estados Unidos Americanos,  recrear El Cuerpo Civil de Conservación (CCC)? Por que necesitamos los desafíos.   Claro que nuestra sociedad tiene muchos problemas, y con creces.  La guerra parece ser el último desafío.  Pero podemos evitar la … Continue reading

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CCC and Cooperation: solving the underying issues that lead to war is the MEOW

Why do we need, in the USA, to recreate the Civilian Conservation Corps?  Because, we need challenges.   Of course, our society does have challenges, in spades.  War seems to be the ultimate challenge.  Yet war is preventable if we … Continue reading

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