Critical Mass London January 2018

Great mass!! Never been on such a small one and would have liked more riders. But it had great vibe and no trouble. Was really fun.
Love the mass!!!!

We left from Waterloo and went around the city including Vauxhall Bridge.

This and what comes next is taken from  some closed network that spies on every one, whether we belong to it or not, and is only accessible by selling your soul and friends

Now, other people may have had a completely different experience. Maybe it depends where you are in the mass at particular times.

I saw one person riding aggressively on the pavement when there were pedestrians there. Seems totally unnecessary to me. Riding on the wrong side of the road into traffic and turning away at the last moment seems dangerous and pointless.

I saw no aggression. Just lots of people having fun.

That’s why I stopped going – the mass racing off in a big rush. Its supposed to be a steady ride, not a peleton.

I moan from time to time about ‘wheelie kids’ but, there were some on mass on Friday, and all in all they were great. I think one of our main differences and ultimate causes of arguments is age. Teenagers are amazing, for all of known history teenagers have done dynamic and new things that annoys older folks.

If you want a better report, posts yours here! (You can press the comment button and type it)

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