Critical Mass London March 2017

A sunny day brought out a large crowd, 500 or more. We started by keeping south of the river along York Road westbound to Westminster Bridge. There were lots of police around dealing with their own nonsense. We didn’t stop in Westminster square, or circle it, but head straight up east along Whitehall. Two groups of protestors were drowned out by the sound system. The police seemed relieved. EDL offshoot against Antifa, kettled apart, shouting scum at each other in tired repetition. Continue reading

Critical Mass London December 2016

Report from hickster

It was foggy. It had been foggy all day. Or misty maybe. Especially next to the Thames. And we all seemed a bit foggy too. The ride didn’t start until 19:22. Even then, there wasn’t much attitude to get moving. The December ride can be bitterly cold which motivates us to move. Not this time.
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Critical Mass London November 2016

We loved the London Critical Mass ride. It’s definitely one for every cyclists calendar!

We left from Waterloo and went around the city. It was great!

If you want a better report, posts yours here! (You can press the comment button and type it)

Critical Mass London 28 October 2016

Reports from a href=”!criticalmasslondon”>!criticalmasslondon A big thank you to all those reporting using glympse

This picture is from twitter, thanks ‏@SprinklesPen

Had a great night at #CriticalMass

23.05 Fleet Stret, Strand, Waterloo Bridge, BFI roundabout, Southbank

23.00 If this is still Critical Mass, it is going West on Ludgate Hill
21.50 Paternoster Row – St Paul’s Cathedral steps & grounds
21.50 West on Gresham St, South on Milk Street, West on Cheapside
21.45 Moorgate Station
21.40 South on City Road
21.35 Old Street station roundabout
21.30 Lost the person reporting from Mornington Crescent, the one on Clerkenwell Road now on Old Street heading East
21.25 one Critical Mass London Mornington Crescent Station, another on Clerkenwell Road
21.20 one North on Hamstead Road. one East on Theobalds Road
21.14 Tottenham Court Road Station
21.13 back on Oxford Street heading East
21.10 South on Soho Street and on to Soho Square and Gardens
21.05 Left Oxford Circus, Eeast on Oxford Street
21.00 Oxford Circus
20.50 East on Oxford Street
20.45 Marble Arch
20.40 Hyde Park Corner then North A4202 Park Lane
20.30 East on Knightsbridge
20.25 Knightsbridge Station
20.23 North on Sloane Street
20.20 on Sloane Square
20.14 East on King’s Road A3217
20.10 North on Oakley Street B304
20.05 continues West towards Albert Bridge next to Chelsea Enbankment Gardens
20.00 West on the A3212 Chelsea Embankment, west of Chelsea Bridge, bordering the River Thames
19.54 South on Ebury Place, then South East on Chelsea Bridge Road
19.30 Waterloo Bridge, IMAX roundabout, Waterloo Bridge heading North, Strand heading South West, Charing Cross station, past Trafalgar Square, on The Mall, Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace, past the Palace,on Buckingha Palace Road, heading South