Critical Mass August 2012, London

Reposter | 31.08.2012 13:05 | London In the last day or so information has emerged of what seems to be a new “under cover” attempt to disrupt the August CM ride. An individual has asked for, and received, permission from the police to organise a policed and pre-planned bike ride on Friday evening, starting at the same time and place as the regular CM ride (ie meeting 6pm onwards under the south end of Waterloo Bridge, by the river)

You will probably remember the disruption of last month’s Critical Mass bike ride by the police (see

Hence the importance of a good turn-out this month (ie Friday 31 August), to show that cyclists won’t accept restrictions that aren’t placed on other road users, and aren’t going to accept intimidation by the police, and will insist on our right to move peacefully around our city by bike as usual, wherever the mood takes us.

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