Critical Mass London 24 April 2015

0621st anniversary

Here’s tonights route, as far as Borough
external link to twitter it seems

Hyde Park Corner, Lambeth Bridge…

another external link – click on “biked 25.22 kilometres” for full screen and to hide all those log ins

Route was a bit weird in places but different. There was some positively balletic corking. Loved that we managed to get a moment for Moira Gemell in at Lambeth Bridge too, nice one. All-in-all had a wonderful time, as usual.

Probably more than 500, maybe close to 1000 riders at the CM April

x2Great stop, and short-lived die-in at Lambeth Bridge, for Moira Gemmell. R.I.P. Critical Mass Alan Cartwright tribute
This video is about Critical Mass Alan Cartwright tribute

par1You know you’re in London when there are a couple kissing and then 800 bikers pass by.

Videos from the Critical Mass London 24 Apr ?

Critical Mass London – 24 April 2015
(ha, even with 1/4 speed on youtube that’s tricky! I get around 450 but with huge margin of error.)

Critical Mass on Lambeth Bridge:

Many thanks to everybody for a fantastic mass last night.

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  1. Comment from facebook: PEOPLE OF THE MASS, YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE!!!
    The family of Alan Cartwright – the 15 year old lad killed for his bike in February – have invited us to attend his birthday party in a park in North London this Saturday evening (he would be 16), as a thank you for visiting the shrine created for him on the March CM ride. I might not be able to get the evening off work but I think it would be an honour to go, and the showing of a good number of Massers at the party would be immensely appreciated and a huge mark of respect to Alan and his family – a family who have shown so much gratitude and love for what we did that night that it moved me, and possibly others, to tears. No doubt, had Alan ever been able to join Mass we would have welcomed him with open arms as we do with so many others. Lets then welcome his family in the same spirit, and share the love and unity of Critical Mass with these people who so utterly deserve it.
    5pm from the usual CM start point, or at the park later, this Saturday. More details in the photo’s caption.
    Please make the effort if you can, and leave a comment below if you intend to attend, thanks.

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