August 2020

Critical Mass has no leaders and no one is entitled to make any announcement on its behalf. If there ever is any, the correct response to such an announcement would be for people to ignore it and make up their own minds.

We loved the London Critical Mass ride. It’s definitely one for every cyclists calendar!

We left from Waterloo and went around the city. It was great!

If you want a better report, posts yours to or to the list

July 2020

I’m able to report a bit on where the ride _didn’t_ go…
As expected, I wasn’t free to go to Waterloo Bridge at 6 or 6.30pm. I was eventually free in time to be heading south over the bridge at about 7.30 – and hoping very much for there to be no sign of the mass. (Because I’m very keen for it to get back to starting more promptly, as was once the case.)

However, as I cycled over, I saw hundreds of bikes heading the other way. (So – the mass continues to increase in size again, following it’s rather “compact” nature at the beginning of the lockdown.)

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June 2020

NOT official - leafletThe HEADLINE NEWS is that this month’s Critical Mass was back to being a mass again – for the first time in 4 months – ie there were enough people to take over roadspace. I counted 60 or more at an early stage (several times as many as the May ride) – OK, very poor for the season and the weather, but given the untruths widely spread on a private (but widely read) website recently, falsely suggesting there weren’t London CMs at the moment, then not too bad at all. We’re (properly) back!

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May 2020

2 First person reports:

I arrived at 6pm, and saw various cyclists around (most of them passers-by and pretty obviously nothing to do with CM). After a while, a woman who was already there – seeing me hanging around – identified herself as a CMer. And then there were two!

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April 2020

My healthy outdoor out-of-lockdown exercise yesterday took me to the embankment under the south end of Waterloo Bridge at about 6.45pm; there were no bikes or cyclists gathered there…

It occurred to me that the London CM might recently have become a “reformed character” while I’ve been mostly absent from it for a while, and had reverted to its “proper” timing: meeting from 6pm onwards and setting off soon after 6.30 (ah – they were the days…).

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March 2020

This is the month in which much of “the West” went into lockdown and physical distance as a way to deal with a pandemic.

There were reports that in that closed network that spies on every one, whether we belong to it or not, and is only accessible by selling your soul and friends, there was a debate on whether to actively promote the mass being cancelled this month as some attempted to for the last couple of months

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Critical Mass London August 2018

The August ride last night had many hundreds of participants (as usual for a summer ride) – though I’m not going to try to estimate more precisely! Quite a few people I chatted to before and during the ride were first-timers – and there were certainly many old-timers too. (Though I didn’t recognise anyone I “knew” – in the Critical Mass once a month sense – which I found a bit surprising; maybe it’s because I haven’t been able to be on the ride for some months, and there’s a gradual turnover of “regulars” … not to mention my memory…) Continue reading