London’s Critical Mass 10th Anniversary (Pics)

Here there are some photos of Friday’s Critical Mass in London.

Critical Mass gathering at the South Bank

The Mass at Waterloo bridge moving towards central London

and more

Detail of the Critical Mass

Rhytms of Resistance Samba Band on wheels 1

Rhytms of Resistance Samba Band on wheels 2

Critical Mass in Covent Garden

Critical Mass stops outside Downing Street

Cycle power outside Downing Street

Open microphone outside Dowing Street – MC’s givin’ it up!

They couldn’t help it, could they? … they had to join the Mass
Up to 1.500 people participated in the cellebration of the 10th anniversary of the Critical Mass in London, which included a samba band on wheels, 3 mobile sound systems, live music and lots of good humor and a carnival atmosphere. Traffic was brought to a halt all over central London for over 3 hours, where the streets temporarily became open spaces for people to use and enjoy without the hegemony of the car culture.

Happy Birthday Critical Mass … and looking forward to ten more years! :-)