August 2020

Critical Mass has no leaders and no one is entitled to make any announcement on its behalf. If there ever is any, the correct response to such an announcement would be for people to ignore it and make up their own minds.

We loved the London Critical Mass ride. It’s definitely one for every cyclists calendar!

We left from Waterloo and went around the city. It was great!

If you want a better report, posts yours to or to the list

July 2020

A bit on where the ride _didn’t_ go:
As expected, I wasn’t free to go to Waterloo Bridge at 6 or 6.30pm. I was eventually free in time to be heading south over the bridge at about 7.30 – and hoping very much for there to be no sign of the mass. (Because I’m very keen for it to get back to starting more promptly, as was once the case.)

However, as I cycled over, I saw hundreds of bikes heading the other way. (So – the mass continues to increase in size again, following it’s rather “compact” nature at the beginning of the lockdown.)

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