Nov 2020

Given it was a dark winter night, and there were continuing restrictions on
people moving around to a normal extent, it was good to see what must have
been more than 100 cyclists around the NFT area. That was the good news.

However … as seems inevitable these days, the ride didn’t move off until
7.30 or later. Frankly, if I’ve been standing around getting chilled for an
hour or more, after an already tiring day, I’m really not up for hanging
around that long to get moving. Since it set off just as I was about to give
up, I joined in – though for less than half an hour. It was mostly uneventful
for the first stretch – and went over the bridge, and headed north up to
Holborn and on northwards.

It was uneventful, that is, except for the number of (mostly young and
male, as it happens) cyclists doing wheelies into oncoming traffic on bikes
with no lights. That also didn’t encourage me to stick with the ride for
long. (Sorry if I sound like Mr grumpy.)

I’d be interested to know what happened subsequently on that ride…