March 2014 Critical Mass reports, pics and videos

Some thoughts and edited comments from facebook and other sites about the Friday Mass of March 2014.

was rather good fun

Was a good one, nice atmosphere and the best company in London.

Pretty good turn out and a great ride.

Nice ride, surprised by how many riders there were. top notch corking again and very little aggro.

The route on an Interactive map:

A great ride – impressive turn out:








We lost a lot of people after stopping at Trafalgar, then moving down to Buck Palace. kinda petered out after that…

There were a lot of scooters and motorbikes trying to work/barge their way through the mass, more than usual. Possible reasons for this:

– the kingsway tunnel closure meant that the roads nearby were near grid lock so only motorbikes and cycles could get anywhere
– the mass seemed a lot more tightly packed together than usual, think this meant there was less room for safe overtaking by scooter types
– passing through camden we passed a big dominos – at least 4 scooter types were from dominos.

The kingsway tunnel is shut for the next 2 months. Now it’s down to one lane and the traffic is sometimes stacking up all the way down to the hospital!

I find those riding “big bikes” usually better behaved than idiots on scooters and worse still the bloody “pizza delivery boys”

It might be best for CM to take a different start direction next month…

Lovely incident shepherding an ambulance through after the Marylebone tunnel.

Maybe heading out to Blackfriars Bridge and then turning left after crossing to head back towards Strand/Kingsway will be good. Or even the other way with a view to crossing Westminster Bridge?

Guess we’re too many to go along the side of the river to London or Tower bridge, though I believe it’s a cycle route. Could be a celebratory start.


More thoughts, audio and mapping of the Friday Mass.

20th Anniversary T-shirt

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The 20th london critical mass anniversary is in the 25th of April 2014.

Here’s a suggested design for the 20th anniversary ride. Published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence at wikia
Feel free to use it.