Dic 2020

There was No one Here (South Bank) at 18:36. Empty

Albert & Hick did the mass, Pro forma, a loop of the bridge, across the bridge and back again.

There was one very awkward man waiting for friends who said they would be going on a private ride. And another two people hiding next to the railway line. The usual kind of townies who hide in the middle of the mass.

The locals you’d expect to see weren’t there.

The ‘private ride’ might have set off later. But mass occurred on schedule and in accordance with the law (as it happens).

To add to the info … I was there earlier; at 6.30, with no other takers,
and given it was (I was) chilly, I set off on a solo ride around SE1. Then I
returned to the NFT and – as already reported – then there were two of us.

So there were at least two mini-CMs – a solo and a double [yes, let’s call
that one the “real” one]. And perhaps the other several people still there
when I left again at 7.15, soon after Hickster had headed off, went on some
sort of ride too….

All in all, a rather smaller turn-out than the smallest Christmas Day London CM ride in the past – and that one was with added snow…

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