what happens to mass when it’s bad weather?

The following is a conversation that happened on the facebook page, for the benefit of those outside that enclosed space.

CM is sponsored by Blacks Outdoors so they hand round free rain ponchos. If it snows we get arctic survival gear.

You get wet… and enjoy it

You wear shoes with decent grips so rain doesn’t make them slip off the pedals, maybe waterproofs, a second layer under your trousers (thermals or knee length shorts are good if it’s cold), a scarf and gloves, and maybe take a small bottle of brandy to help keep you warm.
And then you party on your bike as usual.

thanks i just really wanted to know if its still on on bad weather? does this usually mean lesser people?

No, they are in the tin boxes honking at us

The people who mass in the colder months cannot be considered ‘lesser’.

Last Friday of every month, whatever the weather (if it’s severe weather – like a hurricane – and dangeous to be out, it’s not officially cancelled, but most people are smart enough not to try to cycle in those conditions)… Some people do seem to be scared of raindrops, so we do get fewer turn up if it’s wet, but that doesn’t make it any less fun.

ahaha i meant not the validity of the people itself but of the number of course

January turned out to be decent enough weather but only about 80 people turned up, and last month wasn’t any better, just a bit wetter. They were still fun though!

There is no ‘bad weather’ just the wrong clothing

We had rain in February’s ride, yet there was a good number of riders. http://youtu.be/8mWf2WYhgFs

January’s was also wet, but full of fun. http://youtu.be/1ZfNK4LK7fA

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