February 2014 ride reports

That went rather well I thought! rain not too bad, nice route, good work at the front by not filtering through traffic and good tunes and corking! We finished up around 10ish at Trafalgar Square.

The route map:


Definitely an excellent one! Good pace, nice direction (not too far, small streets). Wasn’t bothered by the rain…
What rain?

Big up the sound guy!

Was I alone in thinking that we had amazing support from passers by last night? Maybe it was the stronger-than-usual lightning snifter that I had at the start but the atmosphere in the West End and Covent Garden was awesome.

yep lots of good vibes. Not sure that it was any more than usual though? Always nice to see good reactions from the pedestrians…

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  1. I think this route needs a bit of modification.Looks like on some sections,we are riding against the flow of traffic,which isnt good for health


    Top section of Berners Street,Paul.Between Mortimer Street and Eastcastle Street.Have to turn right at the Berners Street/Eastcastle street junction cos you cant go straight ahead or turn left,and then head straight to Newman Street(past Berners Mews),then left again to carry on up Cleveland Street.If I spot anything else,I will let you know

    Dont think you can turn right at the bottom of Gt Portland Street to join Oxford Street either.Can only turn right onto it from Oxford St.

    cheers for the details. Pretty sure we did go up Berners st, and almost straight into the construction works at Fitzroy place(which now extend into Mortimer st itself, blocking things off)!!

    Bottom of GPS we actually turned left onto Oxford st and headed East but then v quickly u-turned. The map kinda shows it but not v well.

    The other oddities are going west on D’Arblay St in Soho (one way but the mass went the wrong way up it) and at Farringdon, going from Cowcross onto Charterhouse st was messy as the junction was completely blocked (construction stuff I think),so lots of filtering on the pavement.

    No probs Paul,as Im sure any positive input from anyone will be helpful

    Theres plenty of construction going on around there right now.Junction of Clerkenwell/Farringdon is a nightmare,especially in the day driving heading east!.Can always make adjustments as we ride along I suppose.
    23 hours ago ·

    Regents St and Oxford St have so much new central reservation built/extended now that its hard to turn right or left where before you normally could.
    23 hours ago ·

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