Critical Mass London May 2017

A sunny day brought a large summer crowd. We started slow at about 1930 and headed due south down Waterloo road to lip at the elephant and come back to cross Westminster Bridge. We went straight through and turned up Horse Guards for a half hour break (it seemed) on the parade itself.

We set off, down the Mall, passed Buck house to cross Hyde park corner, heading straight down to Brompton Road.

We stopped for a while outside Harrods to applaud a busking saxophonist.

It was all pretty good vibes, corking fine, aggravation low. It took a while for an ambulance to get passed by Harrods. In fairness- the jam was mainly caused by super cars (always jammed) and the ambulance had no markings, jet black, with blue lights low down and no markings.

We took the turn off for Fulham road, but then cut down again to kings road passed the farmers market, Chelsea library, turn south to Oakley Street to head up to Albert Bridge.

We had a nostalgic moment to occupy the Bridge and do a bike raise before worming in to the park through a suffer hate. Dusk had fallen and a little party gathered around the sound systems, white & red lights strobing about.

I left here. Local police were observing. They claimed there had been trouble on the bridge (I didn’t see that) and that they were monitoring an “unlicensed music event”.

Well. I think maybe because right there is a luxury retirement home for the super rich and it was their bed time. Five years ago it was student halls for the art college – but now it’s probably better to hear deeper into the park for party time.

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