Some resources

Things we like/found interesting
[Doesn’t mean we necessarily endorse everything they say]

Blogs & Zines
The Angry Black Woman
Black Feminists
Black Looks
Dark Matter
Dealing with Our Shit
Hack Gender
The Fword
Muslimah Media Watch
Questioning Transphobia
Race Revolt
Shotgun Seamstress
Vegans of Color
Zero at the Bone

Anarchist People of Color: Senzala or Quilombo
Feminism Needs Transfeminism
Checked Your Human Privilege Lately?

“Intersectionality” is a Big Fancy Word for My Life

Other things
Are You a Manarchist?
How Not to Be Insane When Accused of Racism (A Guide for White People)
How to Suppress Discussions of Racism

Privilege checklists
Non-trans (cis)

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