Webapps coding

I was working a lot last months coding webapps for another projects, specifically UI/UX design and front-end development for Looking4Language iniciative, or the whole technical arquitecture (front-end and back-end) in appodera’t iniciative from Matriu.Since adtlantida.tv development, I have received these assignments because of my technical knowledge in webapps, and in the second case because of my transfeminist approach in technology, too.

So, this make me think about my real preference and advice for webapps instead of native apps in almost any case and about my growing html5, javascript and css3 knowledge.

Some webdoc collaborations and (maybe) some game collaboration searching funding have appeared on the horizon…so, definetely, this is one of my investigacion framework really alive and powerful!!

I will release some relevant code (as we did with adtlantida) step by step, specially from sexist violence 2.0 appodera’t. Cyborg witcheeeeeees!!!

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