Bandrui in Calafou

I am living in Calafou since this September.Before, I was here a lot of times to visit friends, participate in events, festivals, residences in Pechblenda Lab etc, but I decided that Calafou will be my base for at least one year after a nomadic-residence time changing my base any 4 months more or less :) I am starting a new stage!!!

So, some rehabilitation tasks are now in my calendary.I am preparing a workspace for me and my technical material called Bandrui :) with a lot of tentacles and collaborations with hacklab, hardlab Pechblenda, biolab and more and more.

This photo (bondage suspension) was made two days before DesvariArt event in Calafou.It was a magic point because Paola was the people who propose the witch position and the place to take this photo specifically.Bandrui was inaugurated before finishing rehabilitation in a so beautiful way :)

Hack the Earth

I was in Calafou some time before Hack the Earth (with two axis: Water and Land) preparing with Pin an Automation, Management and Remote Control for the Water node. Electrovalve, raspberry, node.js…Prototyping!!!You can download documentation here.This project will be continued with more implementations about rain water for garden watering and another issues relating to Open Automatization Technologies for Food Sovereignty from a Permacultural Approach.

We were together with Noish playing some “dancing” noise in the final party!!


HTE :)