Monthly Archives: July 2011

Marilyn statue stickered

Chicago’s newest statue is… a 26-foot tall Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing up. So tourists can, well, look up her skirt. That’s not objectifying towards women or anything. Friendlyneighbourhoodcurmudgeon writes: “I went back to the Marilyn Monroe statue today and someone took my “this is offensive to women” sticker off.. SO I PUT ON […]

Responses to racist anti-abortion billboards in the U.S.

Anti-abortion groups in the U.S. are currently running a campaign of unbelievably racist and sexist billboard ads specifically targeted at Black women. A group called Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice asked women what they thought about the ads. Here’s one of the responses below. The billboard ad in the background is a little hard to […]

Cosmosaurus Rex says: contribute to a Cosmo parody!

Image description: a spoof of a Cosmopolitan magazine cover, in which the model has been replaced by a dinosaur. The text at the bottom reads: “Women have evolved. We have more interesting things to think about than following the latest fad diets, or tips on ‘how to please our man’. COSMO: A MAGAZINE FOR DINOSAURS” […]

The boundless popularity of Special-K Lady, and a vintage feminist subvert

The subverted Special-K lady ad was featured in a Sociological Images post: Resistance to Objectifying Advertising! This post features a few other nice examples of feminist graffiti we hadn’t seen before. This one is especially cool, apparently it was done by an unknown subvertiser in the 70′s: Image description: black and white photo of a […]