Cosmosaurus Rex says: contribute to a Cosmo parody!

Altered image of a Cosmopolitan magazine cover, with a dinosaur where the model would normally be.
Image description: a spoof of a Cosmopolitan magazine cover, in which the model has been replaced by a dinosaur. The text at the bottom reads: “Women have evolved. We have more interesting things to think about than following the latest fad diets, or tips on ‘how to please our man’. COSMO: A MAGAZINE FOR DINOSAURS”

OK, this hastily-Gimped spoof of Cosmopolitan magazine kind of sucks – could you do better? Some students at York university were angered when female students were targeted with “Cosmo on Campus”, a smaller version of the regular Cosmo. So they’re going to put together a Cosmo spoof, and they’re calling for submissions.

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