My room

I go to my room and it is a room I’ve seen in other dreams. I don’t see her but I know that the room is occupied by the blonde chick although now there’s a guy who sleeps on a mattress on the floor. From his room to mine there is no hallway, just the door.
And there is another door to another room, and this room I also identify as a room where I have been before, with two mattresses, which are now together, and two cupboards. I think this is the room I shared with Lago, but I am told it is not, that this is not the same city and that I was in this room well after Lago left the city.

In any case I go to visit the guy next door and I lie comfortably on his mattress, beside him, and he says casually, “wanna fuck”? And I say yes, delighted, and he kisses me and suddenly there is a boy on the threshold of the door to my room, I did not even know I had a boyfriend, but it seems so because we have to leave it for another time. I look at the mattress trying my poker face. He looks a bit like Wallem but is younger.

I think that’s when I start to explore the rooms. They have little furniture and no beds, just mattresses.

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