LAFA Statement in Solidarity with Stop Bzdurom

The London Anti-Fascist Assembly wants to send a message of solidarity to Stop Bzdurom in light of recent events.

For years now, many of us have watched Polish politics from a distance and seen the ascent of the far right ultra-traditionalism of the Law and Justice party. We’ve watched brave anti-fascists, leftists and all advocates for a society free of bigotry fight back against brutal government repression.

In some of the most brave and risky actions taken under the Polish regime of Andrzej Duda, the radical, feminist and openly queer Stop Bzduromcollective have taken a stand for LGBTQ+ rights, facing extreme danger from both fascists and the state. Most recently, Stop Bzdurom’s member Margot has been given 2 months of pre-trial detention following her arrest at the end of June on suspicion of taking part in stopping an anti-abortion truck with homophobic signage on display. This is a groundlessly harsh approach, which combined with the way Margot was subsequently detained, shows just how oppressive the Polish state is and the risks our comrades have to face in their fight against homophobia in Poland.

It is at times like these where it is important for anti-fascist groups across the world to send solidarity not just in words but materially too, so we’re asking all who can to send them what you can through their fundraiser below:   

It is equally important to read up on the situation and to inform others of the brutal repression LGBTQ+ people face in Poland, where a third of the country has been declared an “LGBT free zone” by local government officials, and the President has pledged to ban “LGBT ideology” in schools and to change the Polish Constitution to remove rights for LGBTQ+ families.

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