Banner Drop: Solidarity with Portland

On the 19th of February, a far-right shooter attacked a demonstration in the USA city of Portland that had been called in support of Amir Locke, a black man killed by police, killing one person and injuring five others. To send our support to the people of Portland, LAFA organised a banner drop and published the following statement:

In response to far-right violence, we must come together as anti-fascists. Neither fear nor death can undo our bonds. From London we sent our solidarity with the people of Portland with this banner drop in front of the Cable Street mural.

Today we mourn, tomorrow we fight on!

Photo 1 ID: multiple people in all black with faces obstructed are standing in front of a large mural and holding a large banner reading “solidarity with Portland”. Above the banner is the antifascist flag. The photo is tinted with red as the individuals on the edges hold flares.

Photo 2 ID: the same scene as photo 1, but taken from the right. Smoke surrounds the top edges of the photo.

Photo 3 ID: the same scene but the flares are not burning, and the photo is lit brightly with flash.

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